‘Na N-Ilbéarla’, Live-Art Performance at Livestock, MART

24th of March 2018 – Performance at Livestock at MART Gallery in Dublin

‘Na N-Ilbéarla’, is a live-art performance using a cut-up text of a 7th-12th century Irish grammar book, known as ‘Auraicept Na N-Éces’. The text was made from a bilingual copy translated by George Calder in 1917. Róisín Power Hackett’s text is macaronic, written in both Gaeilge and English. The ‘Auraicept’, was written by many people over many centuries. It is believed Cennfaeladh was one of the first writers. In the performance Róisín takes the place of Cennfaeladh, a poet and scholar, whose ‘brain of oblivion was knocked out of him’, at the Battle of Moira and from this wound he gained knowledge. This is a performance that explores ideas around knowledge, poetry, sense, meaning and their relation to the natural world. The costume is made from calico, dyed with screen print ink and embroidered, with lipstick blood.

‘Na N-Ilbéarla’, is a work in progress. There will be more of it to follow.

Curated by Eleanor Lawlor + Francis Fay

Photographs by Amber Baruch

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