Skeeze~Eile at the Dublin Art Book Fair

Saturday 12th November, 12-1pm

at the Temple Bar Gallery + Studio, Dublin Art Book Fair

Skeeze is an experimental poetry showcase put together by Róisín Hackett and Ruth Kerr. The latest installment, Skeeze~Eile, is the fourth in a string of events based around the idea of experimental performative poetry. This Skeeze showcase will include performances by Roisin Hackett, Seanan Kerr, Billy Dante, Tom Lawton, and Ruth Kerr.
The word, Skeeze, was coined by James Joyce in Ulysses, meaning ‘to ogle’. The word has since developed more voyeuristic and sexual overtones.
Skeezing is the starting point for this experimental poetry showcase, drawing attention to the voyeurism of the audience’s gaze and the performative aspect of poetry. Skeeze will encompass both experimental and traditional dimensions of poetic expression. Poetry that crosses the boundary into live art and theatre. Poetry that uses visual as well as aural elements. Cut-up poetry or comic poetry that actively engages with the audience will be performed. Skeeze aims to challenge the audience’s preconceived idea about what poetry can be.

Some old Skeezes



Billy Dante


Billy Dante


Róisín Power Hackett


Róisín Power Hackett


Ruth Kerr


Tom Lawton


Tom Lawton


Seanán Kerr


All of us together!



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