Skeeze – Experimental Poetry Series at TBG+S

Skeeze~Eile to take place Saturday 12th November, 12-1pm in Studio 6, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Skeeze, is a word used by James Joyce in Ulysses, meaning ‘to ogle’

The word has since developed more voyeuristic and sexual overtones. Skeeze is the starting point for this experimental poetry series, drawing attention to the voyeurism of the audience’s gaze. Rather than focusing on the performers Skeeze will turn the gaze towards the audience.The poetry at Skeeze will be both experimental and leaning towards the traditional. Poetry that crosses the boundary into live art and theatre. Poetry that uses visual as well as aural elements. Cut-up poetry or comic poetry that actively engages with the audience will be performed. Skeeze aims to challenge the audiences preconceived idea about what poetry can be.

In Third Skeeze, which will take place in September, the gaze of the audience will be turned upon themselves, in an open mic that the audience are invited to participate in – perform their own work or the work of their favourite writer. Following the open mic performances, there will be a discussion about experimental poetry, what are its parameters? How does the audience feel about it? How does the general public feel about art that takes them out of their comfort zone and is not immediately understandable in the usual sense? This discussion will be chaired by Róisín Power Hackett and Ruth Kerr, the organisers of the series. They will come armed with some questions to kick off the conversation, as well as some poetry books to accommodate anyone who fancies participating.

First Skeeze, Tuesday 26th July, 7pm – 8.30pm
Performing: Billy Dante, David Hynes, Róisín Power Hackett, Daniel Wade

Second Skeeze, Monday 29th August, 7pm – 8.30pm
Performing: Lisamarie Johnson, Sean Ruane, Alvy Carragher, Caoimhe Lavelle + Phil Lynch

Third Skeeze, Monday 3rd October 7pm – 9.30pm – Open mic & experimental poetry discussion.

Third Skeeze

Performers: Rachel Thomas, Lynda Phelan, Darren Caffery, Seanán Kerr, Cáit NíMhaoldomhnaigh, Emma Ricketts, Phil Kenny, Sean Ruane + Róisín Power Hackett

Second Skeeze

Caoimhe Lavelle


Lisamarie Johnson


Sean Ruane


Alvy Carragher


Phil Lynch


the audience, having an ogle …

First Skeeze

Billy Dante – ‘A Poem Dedicated to the Past Spoken for the Future’. These rhythmic sound poems were constructed using a technique of cutting up names and addresses found in a local telephone directory book. Steeped in history by following traditional poetic form (based on number of paragraphs, lines, words and syllables) the senseless poems become charged with a concentrated powerful meaning, mediating through the poet when read aloud. This work represented Ireland as part of the International NEW NOW LIVE Festival of Emerging Artists in Amsterdam in 2015.

Daniel Wade is a 24-year-old poet and author from Dublin. He is a graduate of Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, where he studied English and Journalism. His poetry has been published in Optic, Limerick Revival, Wordlegs (e-publication), The Stony Thursday Book (ed. Paddy Bushe), HeadSpace Magazine, the Seven Towers 2014 Census, the Bray Arts Journal, The Sea (charity anthology in aid of the RNLI), Sixteen Magazine (e-publication), The Bogman’s Cannon, Iodine Poetry Journal, Zymbol, The Runt, and the Hennessey New Irish Writers’ page of the Irish Times. He has also featured as a guest on Dublin South FM’s Rhyme and Reason poetry program, as well as on Near FM’s Writer’s Block. In June 2015, his radio drama, ‘The Outer Darkness’, was broadcast on Dublin South FM. A prolific performer, he has also read his work at various festivals, including the Electric Picnic, Body and Soul, Noeliefest and the West Belfast Festival. In March 2016, ‘The Collector’, his first stage play was staged at the New Theatre in Dublin as a rehearsed reading.

Róisín Power Hackett is a visual artist and poet who graduated with a BA in History of Art & Fine Art in 2012 and an MA in Art in the Contemporary World in 2013 both from the National College of Art and Design. Róisín will perform a cut-up text using Hermann Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’ entitled ‘Whiteness by a Sub-Sub Librarian’. The text is a re-appropriation of the novel. It is set in a post-apocalyptical future when the sea level has risen due to global warming.

David Hynes is a poet /comedian who has performed with his own show A-musing at electric picnic ,body and soul ,10 days in Dublin and lingo. He has also performed at EP ,body and soul ,castlepalooza foundation 14 and 15 as part of the scene of the rhyme. He is a member of the Tullamore rhymers and can be found at The scene of the rhyme the last Friday of every month in Tullamore and on Dublin South FM every Sunday with the madcap gang Tremolo and lastly A-musing in accents coffee bar in Dublin City Centre the last Sunday of every month.
SKEEZE Experimental Poetry Series is organised by Ruth Kerr + Róisín Power Hackett and supported by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios Studio 6 Programme

Billy Dante

Billy Dante


Billy Dante



Daniel Wade


Daniel Wade


David Hynes


David Hynes



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