WORDS writers group performing @ The Art Hand – Reviews


The shortening of the evening was the first thing I observed about the 4th WORDS Writers Group Performing @ The Art Hand. It was as magically dark inside the Art Hand as outdoors.

The theme of the evening seemed to be that there were many nervous participants, who only got up at the very end of the night after a flood of encouragement. Fair play to Mary Murray!

There were two distinct performances on the night. The first being from the duo of Greta Murphy and Belle Walsh. Greta told a story about the music her family played during her childhood. Both herself and Belle finished off the story by playing the accordion and the tin whistle, shaking up the usual wordiness of WORDS.

Secondly, Steph Gallagher performed a poem written by her granddad Dan Gallagher called ‘Women’s Fashion’. This poem was an amusing insight into the way men saw women’s clothes, including, at the time it was written, women’s new fangled nylon tights, that joined in the middle like the Barrow and the Nore.

This WORDS event was also the launch of THE WORDS ZINE, a publication, which the Art Hand, plans to produce in conjunction with the WORD Writers Group Performing @ The Art Hand. Those who submit to the Zine must have performed at WORDS. The deadline is Sunday the 20th of October.

For more details please check out http://thearthand.wordpress.com/words/. The first issue of WORDS Zine will be in print by the next WORDS event on the 6th of November.


The third WORDS Writers Group Performing @The Art Hand began with a different atmosphere than the first two events. The night started in the shadow of Seamus Heaney’s recent death. There was a minutes silence by candlelight for the great poet, a few words said about him and some poetry and prose performed in his honour.

However aside from this melancholic air upon the night there was plenty of poetry and prose to uplift the mood. Many familiar faces appeared at this month’s events to perform their new works that they’d written, having been inspired by the WORDS event. There was a great deal of laughs from works performed by Greta Murphy and Catherine Fitzpatrick. Greta’s piece on the subject of Talking, reminding one of their national school education and how everyone was always told, Ná bí ag caint! The humour and familiarity of her monologue was intriguing and very suitable for WORDS where everyone, on the contrary, is encouraged to speak.

The three founders of WORDS plan to meet between this and the next evening on October 2nd to discuss the development of the WORDS event. People are being asked to give their input as to how the event might be improved. If you have any suggestions please contact The Art Hand.


You could say the second evening of WORDS writers group performing @ The Art Hand trumped the inaugural evening. There was a full house and an astonishing amount of audience participation, whether it was through debate from their seats or performance behind the podium, everyone spoke. There were two very interesting events of the night.

The first being Sean and Matilda Corcoran’s performance along with Fina and Enya of Garfield and Odie’s Adventure. This was an engaging performance that commanded the attention of everyone in the room. The younger performers used the 20 foot long table as a stage to shuffle up and down on like little dogs, Matilda as Odie.

The second intriguing event was a philosophical conversation that was spurred by some poetry. A discussion was held about the past, the present and the future, which caused great debate – this is something we want to encourage at WORDS. We want great chats about the poetry and stories that are read, and if it gets to being philosophical that’s all the better!

Aside from these two captivating events, there was a lot of interesting performances, including Charlie Jacobs’ engaging sailing around the world adventure story, which seemed like the modern day version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’. There was island hopping, ex cannibals, sharks, coral reefs and a life threatening experience far away from land…

Don’t forget the next night on the 4th of September, which is surely to trump this!


Currently I’m sitting in my Dublin flat with the window wide open, enjoying the heat of the day, sipping on a glass of Pimm’s, reflecting on lasts nights WORDS Writers Group Performing @ The Art Hand. Great to see such a large turnout.

Under the twinkling of the fairy lights most people in the room got up the nerves to stand up and recite or read a piece of work. We had some very experienced readers like Tom Power, Sean Ruane, and John Daly and we even had some children braving the podium to read including Enya Eccleston who read her story about a shark and five fishes, which suited the location of The Art Hand as it’s right on the coast.

The evening finished on quite a poignant note, with readings from Ann Mc Grath, John Daly, and Miranda Corcoran. I suggest coming along to the next WORDS night, which will be Wednesday 7th August for another intimate night of diverse and intriguing poetry and prose. The event takes place on the first Wednesday of every month.





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