The Roche Limit: The Distance Between Literature & Visual Art

Back Loft Mamushka the Roche Limit

performed at Mama Grande Press’s event ‘Recovery’ at the Lab in Dublin 5th December ’12
Also performed at ‘Mamushka Dublin’ at the Back Loft in 30th November ’12

‘Begin, ephebe, by perceiving the idea
Of this invention, this invented world,
The inconceivable idea of the sun.’

1. From the Ancient Greek tradition
(and Wallace Steven’s expedition)
I give you himself, Ephebe
& myself, Ephebess,
I speak about my travels through
the blue grandeur
of nothingness
to find the essence
of poetry & art
The Roche Limit:
‘The rings of Saturn consist of ice crystals
and probably meteorites particles describing
circular orbits around the planet’s equator.
In all likelihood
these are fragments of a
former moon that was too close to the planet
and was destroyed by its tidal effects…’…

Wallace, Stevens, (), Towards A Supreme Fiction,
Klein, Yves, (2003), Art in Theory 1900-2000 – The evolution of art towards the immaterial, Blackwell publishers, p.819
Sebald, WG, (2002), The Rings of Saturn , Vintage Classics, Brockhaus Encyclopedia quote beginning of book


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