Links to Published Writings

A Proclamation of an Irish Woman 2016, ‘Faxbox Project’, Arts Cabaret 16, Roscommon (Nov 2017) 

New Babels and It’s  curious story poems published in Issue 10 of the Runt magazine (June 2017)

Grand Mal, prose poem published in The Bohemyth (June 2017)

A Proclamation of an Irish Woman 2016, ‘Rise and Repeal’ Mosquito Press Newspaper, Sept 2016 (Published Dec 2016)


Digging The Back Garden, a text in response to ‘Material Witness’, an exhibition by artist Nollaig Molloy, commissioned by Roscommon Arts Centre

Article The State of Visual Art Funding in Ireland – Part Two published in Headstuff

Article The State of Visual Art Funding in Ireland – Part One published in Headstuff

Review of Performance Nights @ Studio 6 – Myths of the Future Exotic published in Hunt & Gather

The Cut-Up Method – Emma Haugh and Billy Dante published in Hunt & Gather

Interview with Sophie Behal, curator of the Dublin Art Book Fair 2015

Review of Lingo Spoken Word Festival 2015 Launch Night

Review of Foaming at the Mouth number 7

Caoimhe Lavelle talks about The Blue Bottle Collective Interview published in Hunt & Gather

Uncreative Storytelling Article published in Hunt & Gather  

Overstock – A Performative Lecture Series Article published in Hunt & Gather

Small Town poem published in Issue 7 of The Weary Blues

Zodiac: Capricorn published in Hunt & Gather

The Aesthetic and the Poetic Essay published in Hunt & Gather

Why Do We Chase Peacocks? Poem published in Glitter Stump Zine Issue 2, not available to read on line

Voiceless – Silence, Speech and Oppression in Period Drama Set Design Essay published in Hunt & Gather

Review of Inter Varsity Poetry Slam 2015 held in NCAD published in Hunt & Gather 

A music + poetry collaboration between musician Jasper Rua and myself

The poem, the Pranquean available on line at Pamphlet Magazine 

Three  Poems on line in the WORDS Zine

Events-Publications-Poetry Readings I’m currently involved in:

Recent essay about artist Liam Gough

Review of  Exhibition by Anthony Hackett

Review of performance by Open Rehearsals

Poem on line in ‘wordlegs’ magazine 

MA Thesis: ‘The Poetics of Imagination and the Threshold: Locating Karin Mamma Andersson’s, Wallace Stevens’ and Edouard Vuillard’s Art through the lens of Poetics’ here


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