Links to Published Writings

Towards A Consideration of All Bodies, article published in Visual Artists’ Newsheet (Jan-Feb 2019) pdf here.

A Lifeless Rib, a poem published in ‘UNBOUND Headstuff’, (Sept 2018) 

Love – Two Years In, a poem published in ‘Skylight 47’, Issue 10 (May 2018)

Whiteness by a sub-sub librarian, published in ‘Tales From The Forest’, Issue 8 (May 2018)

A Proclamation of an Irish Woman 2016, ‘Faxbox Project’, Arts Cabaret 16, Roscommon (Nov 2017) 

New Babels and It’s a curious story poems published in Issue 10 of the Runt magazine (June 2017)

Grand Mal, prose poem published in The Bohemyth (June 2017)

A Proclamation of an Irish Woman 2016, ‘Rise and Repeal’ Mosquito Press Newspaper, Sept 2016 (Published Dec 2016)


Digging The Back Garden, a text in response to ‘Material Witness’, an exhibition by artist Nollaig Molloy, commissioned by Roscommon Arts Centre

Article The State of Visual Art Funding in Ireland – Part Two published in Headstuff

Article The State of Visual Art Funding in Ireland – Part One published in Headstuff

Review of Performance Nights @ Studio 6 – Myths of the Future Exotic published in Hunt & Gather

The Cut-Up Method – Emma Haugh and Billy Dante published in Hunt & Gather

Interview with Sophie Behal, curator of the Dublin Art Book Fair 2015

Review of Lingo Spoken Word Festival 2015 Launch Night

Review of Foaming at the Mouth number 7

Caoimhe Lavelle talks about The Blue Bottle Collective Interview published in Hunt & Gather

Uncreative Storytelling Article published in Hunt & Gather  

Overstock – A Performative Lecture Series Article published in Hunt & Gather

Small Town poem published in Issue 7 of The Weary Blues

Zodiac: Capricorn published in Hunt & Gather

The Aesthetic and the Poetic Essay published in Hunt & Gather

Why Do We Chase Peacocks? Poem published in Glitter Stump Zine Issue 2, not available to read on line

Voiceless – Silence, Speech and Oppression in Period Drama Set Design Essay published in Hunt & Gather

Review of Inter Varsity Poetry Slam 2015 held in NCAD published in Hunt & Gather 

A music + poetry collaboration between musician Jasper Rua and myself

The poem, the Pranquean available on line at Pamphlet Magazine 

Three  Poems on line in the WORDS Zine

Events-Publications-Poetry Readings I’m currently involved in:


Recent essay about artist Liam Gough

Review of  Exhibition by Anthony Hackett

Review of performance by Open Rehearsals

Poem on line in ‘wordlegs’ magazine 

MA Thesis: ‘The Poetics of Imagination and the Threshold: Locating Karin Mamma Andersson’s, Wallace Stevens’ and Edouard Vuillard’s Art through the lens of Poetics’ here


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